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Villages in Drenthe

Drenthe has many small, cosy and special villages, only a stone's throw away from the hotel and most certainly worth a visit.

(Living) museum village Orvelte

(Living) museum village Orvelte

Orvelte is one of the five most beautiful villages in the Netherlands, where you can have great walks while enjoying the monumental thatched farms in this historic village.

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Ruinen en Dwingelo

  • Ruinen en Dwingelo


    The village of Ruinen has a village green and is located on the edge of the National Park Dwingelderveld.
    Characteristic are the Maria church on the village green ('brink') and many old farms in and around Ruinen.

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  • Ruinen en Dwingelo


    Located in the rural province of Drenthe, Dwingeloo is part of the Westerveld municipality and has every right to refer to its historic details which is also expressed in the village's green and the landscape.

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Around Beilen one can find various nature areas, including the Terhorsterzand with recreational lake, the National Park Dwingelderveld and the Scharreveld, heathland, the latter (also) offering the perfect conditions for bikers.