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The village of Ruinen is a village green and is located on the edge of the National Park Dwingelderveld.


Characteristic are the Maria church on the village green ('brink') and many old farms in and around Ruinen. From the village green you can hike or bike straight into the woods and onto the heathland where it is likely, you will meet the sheperd with his flock of Drenthe heath sheep. Since 1949 the Ruinen sheep fold has been located at the edge of the Benderse Heide. The flock of sheep consist of approx. 300 Drenthe heath sheep. The breed of sheep can be recognised by its multi-coloured wool, the long tail and the horns. Each day a sheperd and two herding dogs drive the flock of sheep to heathland where it can graze.

Near Ruinen you will find among other things two small villages, called Ansen and Echten, that are worth visiting. The nearby Estate Rheebruggen gives a good impression of what Drenthe used to look like in older days.